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These I cut from soft rolled low carbon steel and Sublimated with the Dolphins. They are 24 inches long. Three-week lead time is necessary. $70.

Email:  torpedochief@aol.com

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Featured in Chief’s Book  “Epitaph”

Submarine Models: Symbols of History, Heirlooms & Art

I can build just about any submarine you want -- from the Revolutionary TURTLE to the USS INDIANA (newest fast attack.) These can  be built in many scales and custom scales, depending on your needs and price range.

These are not kits I put together.  Each is a handmade, investment grade work of art. They are not inexpensive, however. They are built to be treasured in your family for generations.

If it is submarine you are wanting, I will tell you they are made of cast polyurethane, photo-etched brass and steel. Bases are of the finest hardwoods I find. Many are recycled from old homes.

Each model is on a commission basis. I do not stock hulls. I build to order, so it takes time to get your original one-of-a-kind  piece of submarine art.  Payment is expected prior to beginning work.

NOTE: Each model comes with a display case,  Dolphins (for subs,) and ship's emblem -- all historically accurate to your boat.   Other items cam be included in the display for small additional charges.

SCALES: I work in mostly 1/700 and 1/350 scale. To determine scale of the subject you want. Take the length of the object (Example) 250 ft. Multiply that by the number of inches in a foot (12). Take that sum and divide by the scale number (250 X 12 = 3000 inches ÷ 350 = 8.57 inches). Therefore, the model you want will be 8.57 inches long. 


1/700 Scale Model Submarines $125.00   Shipping $15 (Includes Insurance)

1/350 Scale $275 (Shipping $20, insured)

Ohio Class 1/350 Scale $325 (Shipping and insurance $30)

For larger scale boats, email The Chief


President Jimmy Carter Is Presented a Model of the SSN Jimmy Carter. It was commissioned n 1999.

Chief Meadows was commissioned to build this boat for that occasion. The model is now housed in the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

Carter once served as an officer in the Submarine Service

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