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The Power of the Pen

Documents Our History,

Facilitates Human Life

Perhaps no other invention has documented the journey of man more than the pen.

This simple instrument had been used to declare wars, agree to peace, record history, made possible home loans, distributed medicines, been the means of communication with loved ones oceans away.

Since the use of the pen has been vital to our culture, should not the pen you own or give represent the power it wields? My pens don't just write, they tell a story, a story that cannot be duplicated.

Each work uses wood with a history. I use Olive wood from Bethlehem, Oak from Jack Daniel’s Whiskey barrel's, Maple from US Navy nuclear submarines, Koa from the big island of Hawaii, Blood Wood from South America, and many others

These woods combined with the finest metal — Gold, Chrome, Pewter, Antique Brass and Copper -– form an heirloom to be cherished and handed down over generations.

From Nautical scrimshawed pens to Bolt Action Rifle Pens, from Civil war bullet pens to majestic pens of the Victorian era, these works of art are unlike anything offered anywhere.

Get only and give only the finest. Using a finely crafted writing instrument tells everyone you are in a class all your own, giving a one of kind pen puts you in a class above. – D. Clayton Meadows.



It was an age of discovery. A time when the world began to shake off collars of ignorance and subservience. A period where elegance denoted status and success in a new world. The VICTORIAN pen is a symbol of that time. Turned in 200 years old polished walnut, this is more than a writing instrument. The cap is 24 karat gold. Cap, point, and bands blend with the wood to create a handmade work of art. High-quality mechanisms ensure this heirloom will last generations. Like the times it represents, this pen displays power mixed with an elegance uncommon today.


Fountain Pen

It looks elegant and writes with a smoothness that will delight those who appreciate the feel of putting real ink to paper.  These pens use ink cartridges.  The above pen belongs to my dad.

My dad’s pen above and below

Bolt Action

Troops” pen sold, $25 will be sent to Dolphins Scholarship Fund through USSVI.

Thanks for shopping with us – D. Clayton Meadows.



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Nautical (left)

Faux Ivory



Civil War

 Bullet Pins



Antique Brass

Salute the Troops

Here is a stunning reminder of the wonderful men and women who have served and now serve to protect our Great Nation. For every ‘Salute the

Pen Prices

Victorian $125

Nautical $100

Bolt Action $100

Salute  Troops $125

Civil War $75

Slim Line


Fountain Pen $75

Engraving is $10 a line

Civil War Pens




Birth of One-of-A Kind Handwriting Heirloom


One-of-a-Kind Pens

Built One-at-a Time

Every pen begins by carefully selecting the perfect piece of wood. The grain must be perfect, and free of any blemish.


(Pic1) The wood is formed into a blank on the table saw.

(Pic 2) The new blank is marked for accurate drilling of the hole for the turning mandrel.

(Pic 3) The hole is drilled on the drill press. There can be no error as this will cause the pen to fail and the turning dangerous.

(Pic 4) With the drilling complete, brass tubes the length of the new pen is glued into the blank. These add strength to the new pen and provide a solid base to assemble the turned pen. The blanks are now slid on the turning mandrel. Bushings that determine the pens basic shape are added as a guide for turning.

(Pic 5) The blanks are placed into the lathe and the turning begins.

(Pic 6) When turned to the size and desired shape the blanks are sanded using grits from 100 to 1500 grit. Friction finish is then applied in several coats to give the pen its luster and to protect the wood during years of use.

(Pic 7) The finished blanks are mated to pen components by use of a pen press. This ensures an accurate and tight assembly.

(Pic 8)  The completed pen is then laser engraved if desired and placed in the box, ready for the new owner to enjoy for a lifetime.

(Pic 1)

Pic 2 2`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Pic 4

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 3

Pic 5

Something New – Cigar Submarine Pens

I present my newest pen, crafted of Battery Well Rock Maple, Alabaster, Sterling and Chrome. Based on the "Cigar Pen," design this is a hefty but balanced writing tool. The paraffin infused wood and a solid brass twist mechanism will last a lifetime. The end cap is adorned with a silver star. The large size leaves ample room for an engraving of your choice. Here is a gift or presentation to last generations of submariners and those who love them.

–Chief Meadows

NEW: Cigar Submarine Pen  Click Here

The Blue and Gray and You!

“Rebels” and “Yankees” both will love this special offering from  A Sailor’s Touch.  Pens remembering Gens. U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee will enhance any collection of Civil War memorabilia, or just a “feels right,” quality writing instrument.  They use “Cross” refills.  Each pen is unique, made individually from scratch by Chief Don. He is, as is true with his submarine work, an authority on the Civil War.  These pens are manufactured not only to serve your writing needs but also to pay respect to the thousands of men and women who participated in that great national conflict.  The Civil War not only changed the history of the United States but continues to define how America sees itself today. The pens come as a package of two.  The package is $135.  To place your order, click here.


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Bolt Action, Gun Metal Pen

Crafted in Gunmetal, and Maple Burl. The bolt action extends this beautiful writing instrument. The “ammunition” is  Cross refill ballpoint ink. Copper full metal jacket 30 cal bullet and copper centerfire primer ives the gun enthusiast a superb writing tool and a symbol of our great Second Amendment rights.



Gun Metal Pen