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     This is a version of the famous MINOT Light  in Massachusetts.  The light is known as the “I LOVE YOU” Light because of the flash pattern of its first order Fresnel lens. The pattern is 1 - 4 - 3  I  LOVE YOU.

     The model was 3-D printed in PLA, which is made of sugar beets. The railing and doors and windows were printed using the SLA method. UV sensitive liquid is exposed to UV in various patterns as a platform raises. The object grows out of the liquid.  Once the 40 pieces were printed (45 hours total print time), the parts were assembled. The interior was coated with rubber paint to keep the weight down while adding strength. The exterior was coated in a texturing material sanded and then coated with coarse stone textured paint. Mirrors were cut and adhered to the top of the lens base and the underside of the top, done to add reflected light.

     The light was designed and built for a couple who truly are wonderful people. They began a life together under the lighthouse and shared the message the light flashed out. Unfortunately, they suffered a recent tragedy with the loss of a grandchild. The husband commissioned this light to remind wife that, even in the darkest storm, there is a light that will always flash I LOVE YOU

YouTube video of light animation: https://youtu.be/DZ0c8yO6zts

‘I Love You’


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Bread Trays

Necklaces, Money Clip

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