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Something unique for Christmas — Laser-Etched Christmas Tree Ornaments on mahogany, or cherry, encased in a clad sterling silver frame (above, left).

This is one our new projects. But wait!  There are more.

At right is our very latest.  Lighthouses (or anything you may want) engraved on driftwood.  Even we were surprised at the beauty of this laser etching.  There are several sets purchased and on order.  So, get your orders in because we’re turning them out, along with our many other items, as quickly as possible. 

Remember, we now can engrave any image you want, either from our vast inventory of art and graphics or your own pictures. 

To see these items closer, click on the links under the pictures.  This will also take you to where you may place your orders an make payment via PayPal by using your credit cards.

Thanks for visiting our site and supporting us.  We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.  — Chief Meadows

Dry Dock

Building submarines isn’t easy nor tidy — even when dealing with models.  Here is one of my projects in “dry dock” to illustrate the intricate steps in creating one of these boats.  It takes time and patience, because each piece is custom made and check carefully for historic accuracy.  You can order any boat and it is 100 per cent handmade, truly a “unique” piece of military art and history



Steel used to make air intake tubes. .05 sheet brass used for cutwaters. Stainless .003 used for working hatch hinges. 1175 steel rivets installed. Big thank you to SCALE HARDWARE for supply of scale rivets.  I’ve visited this boat several times (it’s housed less than a mile from my home), and have come away astounded after each visit  at the mechanical ingenuity it took to build it during the Civil War.

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